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Surely, as one of the newest kids on the venue block, within the UK events industry, we have never stopped loving meetings, isn’t it our job to love meetings, isn’t it obvious?!

Of course it is. But the one thing that we have learned over the last 12 months of our fledgling existence is that things change, they have changed, and they will continue to change. That’s why we want to remind everyone about the core product of what we all do; not just meetings, but bringing people together.

We’re now living in a world that has gotten very used to meeting, consuming content, and generally doing business in front of cameras and screens. Work forces are fragmenting, more and more people are staying in their new home offices, and the imperative of coming out into the open is reducing. This is all great, a natural evolution that has many, many benefits when done well.

However, where we, as a meetings and events industry need to step up to the plate, is to address the gulf this leads for meeting in person. We represent this imperative to come out and get fresh air. We’re the counterbalance to the ‘sitting is the new smoking’ movement. We’re the people that value the power of face-to-face interaction and know the core value of what it brings to people – not just delegates.

In the last few weeks alone we’re seeing examples of this. We’re seeing meetings being booked without a meeting, ‘we just want to work together in the same room for a day’, we’re seeing extensions to this, ‘we haven’t had a post-work meet in years’. These are examples of a new tone of meeting that can be described as uniquely 2022.

These bookings are not just about productive business, they are about mental health, fitness, and nutrition; the content is becoming the people, and the agenda is flattening out.

That’s not to say people are no longer meeting for more formal reasons. The creative brainstorm, the senior exec level meeting, the company conference, the summer party, are all being booked and taking place (often with a social or networking extension involved that allow people to reconnect). But it’s the tone that has changed. This is the time where people are looking to get back in touch with each other, informally formal, relaxed and social.

That’s why we love meetings, that’s why we’re celebrating meetings, and that’s why we hope you’ll join us in these celebrations too. So, if you want to get involved in some cross industry loving, join in with us here.

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