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On Saturday evening, we, alongside other cities around the world, showed up for Earth Hour, with this year’s event highlighting the connection between nature devastation and outbreaks of diseases such as Covid-19. It was fantastic to witness global landmarks switching off in aid to promote a healthier environment and mindful energy use.

As a new venue, being environmentally conscious is paramount to the team and we’ve done everything we can, to ensure we operate as efficiently as possible and benefit our local community. We will send zero waste to landfill and encourage our clients to do the same. The events industry was once rife with plastic giveaways and over the past three years, there’s been a conscious change in the contents of your goodie bag. We vow to step away from plastic promo material and promise to only hand out items that will be of use.

Our journey to green heavily influences our kitchens with our innovative ‘plant first’ menu approach, concentrating on delicious and imaginative vegetarian-based meals that have the option to be paired with meat. We research all suppliers and minimise food miles by low-impact delivery schedules. Even our cooking oils are converted into biofuel through advanced technology, saving on waste.

We hold a promise to constantly strive for a greener operation here at The Eastside Rooms to protect the planet and our communities.