Striving to be the number 1 sustainable events venue in the UK

From conception through to creation, to operation, everything in the venue was designed and built to ensure our values of ethical business are a priority in everything we do.

Here at The Eastside Rooms we strive to work alongside our clients to ensure that together we are going above and beyond to be sustainable as possible, where possible.

What makes us a sustainable venue?

Green Purchasing Policy 

Working closely with our management company we are implementing a Green Purchasing Policy, to ensure that all suppliers used across the business disciplines are sustainable and ethical.

Team and Customer Well-being 

We offer our team health and well-being benefits including, health assured assistance support line, annual well-being payments and a cycle-to-work scheme. 8 of our members of staff are Mental Health First Aid Trained. Alongside this we understand the importance of customer well-being and have implemented a customer wellness station, consisting of running/walking maps, a hydration station and curated playlist. 


As part of our commitment to ensure we are accessible by all we have 10 accessible bedrooms, with one which has hoist from bed to bathroom. We are the only venue within Birmingham to have full changing places facilities available. All areas of the building are accessible by lift and have wider corridors and doorways. We also have hearing loops throughout the meeting rooms in the building.

Energy & Water Consumption 

As a purpose-built venue, we ensured that all lighting in the building is LED, with all those back of house and around 90% of those front of house functioning on sensors. The remaining are in meeting rooms and are regularly checked and turned off if not in use, as part of our energy & water management plan. The plan we have in place means that we regularly monitor and publish our energy & water consumption, targets, and achievements.  Our water heaters are all A rated.

Waste Management 

Our waste management system, ensures we monitor our waste and set targets to continuously improve our efforts. We review and regularly monitor the number of single use items we use with the aim to minimise if not eliminate these, most recently removing water bottles from meeting rooms, instead installing water coolers. All bins through the property are compartmental recycling bins and we have an onsite cardboard compactor.


Menus are bespoke ensuring they all include vegetarian/vegan and healthy eating options, catering to all religious/special dietary requirements. Where possible food is locally, ethically and responsibly sourced, we are committed to improving our commitment to locally sourced food in 2023 as per our green purchasing policy.


We encourage public transport wherever possible, only offering a small number of parking spaces. We are also one of the only city centre venues offering electric car charging points. 


All cleaning and laundry products are approved for use against COVID-19 and regularly reviewed to ensure they are not damaging to the environment.  All weeding and groundwork is carried out without the use of herbicides and pesticides. Any chemicals and/or hazardous waste is stored and disposed of in accordance with the relevant regulations

Green Action Plan and Green Team 

In order to build on our existing commitment to sustainability within the events industry we have set up our Green Team who will be responsible for delivering out Green Action Plan, in line with our ethical business values. 

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