Eastside Rooms achieves Green Tourism’s Silver Award

The Eastside Rooms, a leading venue in the heart of England, has achieved the prestigious Green Tourism’s Silver Award during its first assessment after opening. This accolade highlights the venue’s commitment to sustainability, waste reduction, equality, inclusivity, and promoting eco-friendly travel options to delegates attending events at Birmingham’s newest venue.

The Green Tourism Silver Award is a testament to The Eastside Rooms’ dedication to being a responsible and sustainable business. The venue scored impressively across all aspects of the assessment, showcasing their genuine efforts to create a positive impact on the environment and the community.

Key highlights of The Eastside Rooms’ achievements include:
  • Waste Management: The Eastside Rooms demonstrated a fantastic commitment to sending zero waste to landfill. By implementing effective waste reduction and recycling strategies, the venue sets an example for other businesses in the region.
  • Equality and Inclusivity: The venue has taken significant strides to accommodate guests with physical disabilities, ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and valued when attending events and conferences.
  • Promotion of Sustainable Travel: The Eastside Rooms has been successful in effectively promoting public transport and low-carbon travel options to staff and delegates, encouraging greener transportation choices.


The GreenCheck assessors praised The Eastside Rooms’ proactive approach to monitoring and reducing energy, carbon, and water consumption. The commitment to zero landfill waste received a particular commendation, showcasing the venue’s determination to make a positive impact on the environment.

The assessors also noted that The Eastside Rooms leverages its prime location in Birmingham, taking advantage of the city’s rich history and local attractions, effectively sharing this information with delegates.

As The Eastside Rooms continues on its green journey, the venue is committed to further improving its performance in the Destination and Carbon categories. The staff is dedicated to making even more significant strides over the next twelve months, ensuring an even higher score and a more sustainable future for the venue and the community. For more information about The Eastside Rooms and its commitment to sustainability, please visit our sustainability page.


“We are incredibly proud to have achieved the Green Tourism Silver Award in our very first assessment,” said Tim Sparrow General Manager at The Eastside Rooms.  “It reflects the hard work and dedication of our entire team in making sustainability a core part of our business, right through from conception to operation. This recognition motivates us to aim for the Gold Award during our next assessment as we continuously strive to improve and make a lasting positive impact on our environment.”