What a Real Welcome Should Look Like

Every time you walk into a hotel or a venue you see a sign that says ‘welcome’. But what does it really mean? It loses gloss if it’s not backed up by proactive service teams and on hand support. 

Equally, at The Eastside Rooms, we think it really needs to mean much more than just a friendly smile and that quality service is a given. Welcome means that you are welcomed right? And that the venue is welcoming of you – all of you. Also, if it’s over the door, it means that everyone that passes by it, regardless of who they are and where they are from is equally welcome.  

We really believe in this, and it cuts to the very heart of our business. From concept to build, launch to the present day, The Eastside Rooms is all about ‘ethical business’; that everything we do is open, accessible, and truly – genuinely – welcoming. 

Seamless Accessibility

Considering all the above, The Eastside Rooms was designed with Accessibility at the forefront of the architects’ minds, right from the outset. The design team for The Eastside Rooms were tasked with ensuring that the hotel was built and designed in a way that will always be accessible and inclusive to all.

Some of the features of the venue include making the journey into and around the venue as seamless and easy as possible. This included installing step-free access to both the hotel and the venue. Every single public area door is well over the minimum DDA requirement and there is lift access available to all hotel bedroom floors and meeting rooms within the venue.  

We have also ensured that there are accessible toilet facilities on all floors. To go above and beyond that requirement, we have also installed a full changing places facility within the venue with adult changing facilities.  

The hotel also has ten fully accessible bedrooms to accommodate guests that wish to stay over, one of which is fully accessible with a ceiling hoist which connects the bedroom to the bathroom.  

Hearing loops are also installed in all the public areas, reception desks, the main Affinity Suite and several other meeting rooms throughout the venue.  

There are also disabled parking spaces located on-site, along with disabled refuge points, which are safe spaces designated around the building for people who cannot easily access fire escapes and evacuation lifts.