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  • Listen to women’s experiences and perspectives, and acknowledge male privilege – a crucial part of being an ally is being willed to listen to women’s experiences and
    perspectives. This may come in the form of having conversations with women
    colleagues, attending events that discuss women’s issues in the workplace or
    reading books and articles written by women.
  • Challenge gender stereotypes – men can challenge gender stereotypes by avoiding
    making assumptions based on someone’s gender, such as what job roles are
    suitable for a particular gender.
  • Offer to mentor and sponsor women – men can help women progress by offering to mentor and sponsor them. This can include offering advice, giving feedback, recommending them for positions, or championing them for promotions.
  • Speak up when you witness injustice – if you witness something in the workplace
    that is unjust, such as discrimination or harassment, speak up and take action.
    Witness a colleague being talked over in a meeting. Highlight this and ask them to finish their point.
  • Don’t take up more space than you need – in meetings and other workplace events,
    be aware of how much speaking time you take up and don’t dominate the
    conversation. Make sure to allow others, particularly women, to have their voices

By taking action to be an ally to women in the workplace, men can help create an equal
and inclusive environment for everyone. We hope these tips will be useful in making that