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However, as we become more and more established, there continues to be more reasons than ever to take a look to the east … to The Eastside Rooms.  

Let’s start with location. Birmingham is the UK’s home of events, built around the iconic heritage of the National Exhibition Centre, but made contemporary again with the arrival of the Commonwealth Games in 2022, and the millions of pounds worth of city infrastructure. Birmingham has been recreated again over the last few years, refreshed many parts of the city, while keeping loyal to the cultural roots and grungy personality of many more.  

The easts side of the city is the perfect example of this. Once the underground home of music, food and cultural diversity, hidden under the canape of an ever-changing and industrialised city. Now blossoming into the forefront of a confident Birmingham, proud of its roots and its international reach. Graffitied walls meet ice white and sharp contemporary design pieces, the sound of samba goes up against the city’s symphony orchestra, street food meets Michelin starred dining.  

The east side is also known as the Knowledge Quarter of the city, Universities and higher learning, students and corporate training, tech hubs and incubators. A ten-minute walk from Europe’s biggest shopping district, but a 20/20 cricket slog to connectivity across the UK and onto the continent via the new HS2 line, currently being built around the corner from the venue.  

With Birmingham hosting two main line national railway stations and an airport, the east side is moving closer to the centre of Birmingham, as Birmingham comminated the centre of the UK, and looks towards its future as one of the major event hubs in Europe and beyond. 

The venue collects this outreach; be it the cultural diversity on its doorstep, or the short and long haul visits that come to the city for media, sport, education or events. It’s reflected in the venue’s personality, but it’s also imbedded into its design, sewn into its menu’s, and identifiable in its multicultural staff.  

At The Eastside Rooms our welcome is genuine. Built on the foundations of ethical business and construction, a building that was created to be accessible regardless of motor, sensory or cultural differences. Equipped with Changing Rooms spaces, wider corridors and doors, and a staff who collectively speak over 25 languages.  

At the same time, it is a sustainable venue, using limited energy and committed to recycling it’s waste from the outset of its build, right up to its day-to-day operations as one of the UK’s leading event spaces. This is a minimum impact venue from an ecological perspective, but a massively impactful one from its ability to help customers put on a show, be it a conference, fashion show, product launch or convention.  

Because that’s where event organisers get really excited. It’s about the ability of the venue to help events shine. Be it the abundance of natural light across venues spaces, including its light and airy atrium. Its large plenary, with supporting spaces, its high-quality AV and production support, hybrid and streaming technology, fine food, great service. Since launch, The Eastside Rooms has been recognised across the events industry for the instant success of its product, be it facilities or service. Its ‘relationships first’ approach has been welcomed and replicated.  

The Eastside rooms represents modern events that are easy on the eye, good for the planet, and with a soul that enriches the delegates and guests. Its why The Eastside Rooms remains one of the most exciting venues in the events industry