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Fresh off the back of three day’s sun-soaked filming in the UK’s second city last month, we’re shortly going to be launching a new destination video and a flythrough of the eastside rooms. We’re also very excited about a new website, which we’ll also be launching next month and that will show viewers a shot of the Birmingham landscape, now and into the future.

While we’re going to keep the content under wraps for now, it’s an incredibly exciting time for us. The flythrough has allowed us to see, in high definition and immaculate detail, what our new home will really look like, inside and out. We’ve seen the eastside rooms emerge out of the ground for the last 18 months and are used to its ‘building-site-like’ state, now for the first time we can share the stylish interiors and gorgeous exteriors of Birmingham’s newest venue.

Most importantly the fly throughs will bring to life the venue for event organisers looking to be first into the eastside rooms and will give them a chance to visualise their event in our new venue.

Attached to this will be our new video, ‘take a ride to the east side’, which is a destination story of Birmingham and the Eastside / Knowledge Quarter of the city. It was brilliant fun to shoot, and we were able to visit (and now show off about) some of the best parts of the city, right on our doorstep. It’s also a chance for us to show our personality; fly through images are brilliant, but personality counts too when it comes to delivering events.

So, we’re showing product and personality, past and present, the only missing part is the future. In our new website we’ll be able to show event organisers not just what the Eastside of Birmingham looks like now, but what it will look like into the future. There is so much happening across the city, but nowhere more so than in our own little district; for an event organiser it’s a chance to be a part of something really exciting.

So, there you have it, not long to go before the eastside rooms comes to life before our eyes. If you’re looking for a sneak preview come and see us at Venues + Events in both London or Manchester, and maybe get a chance to finish off your Eastside experience back in Birmingham, home city of the eastside rooms.