Destination Birmingham

Visiting the UK's second City

Birmingham may be the UK’s second city, but it is most definitely  the first for events! From its 18th-century industrial roots to its modern-day architecture, we are a city enriched with innovation and heritage.

Why not take some time out of your event to explore the City and all that we have to offer! Birmingham offers everything from Michelin starred restaurants and majestic waterways to arts, culture and history.

Black Country Living Museum

An award-winning open air museum that tells the story of one of the very first industrialised landscapes in Britain.

  • Explore carefully reconstructed shops, houses and industrial areas that represent the Black Country’s story.
  • Learn how steam power, human ingenuity and an increasingly interconnected world transformed this region into a manufacturing powerhouse.
  • Meet historic characters who’ll tell you stories of what it was really like to live and work during this revolutionary period of history.
  • Most importantly, you’ll see history brought to life before your eyes – hear the clang of hammers, smell the smoke billowing from red brick chimneys and maybe even taste the best fish and chips in the Black Country!

Botanical Gardens

Being one of Birmingham's best attractions, The Birmingham Botanical Gardens offers something for everyone, be it


  • One of four stunning glasshouses With more than 1000 plant species in their collection, the glasshouses house many exotic and unusual plants not found anywhere else in the U.K.
  • Arid Desert A glasshouse built in 1884 for plants from climates with low, irregular rainfall.
  • Japanese Gardens A place for relaxation and contemplation. Plants are chosen for shape and texture and as an aid to peace and serenity. 

Cadbury World

Discover the art of chocolate right here in Birmingham at the worlds second largest confectionary manufacturer Cadbury's! 

  • 4D Chocolate Adventure Dive into a bowl of liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk, ride the Crunchie rollercoaster and take to the skies in a Cadbury Creme Egg airship piloted by the Caramel Bunny. Hold tight!!!
  • Travel 1000 years back in time to Mayan Mexico.  Discover the origins of the cocoa bean, deep in the tropical rainforest. Be aware – Aztec Emperor Montezuma is very protective of his cocoa!
  • Have a go. Doodle your name in chocolate & try your hand at traditional chocolate tempering.

Hippodrome Birmingham

The Birmingham Hippodrome stands as a premier destination for entertainment in the heart of Birmingham.

Offering a stunning array of performances that captivate and inspire audiences from all over the world.

  • World-Class Performances Experience spectacular shows ranging from hit musicals and international ballet to compelling opera and vibrant dance productions. 
  • Iconic Home of the Birmingham Royal Ballet Enjoy breathtaking ballet performances in their resident home, showcasing both classical and contemporary works.
  • State-of-the-Art Venue The Hippodrome boasts modern facilities and comfortable seating in a historically rich setting, having entertained audiences since 1899. 
  • Strategic Cultural Events Participate in a variety of cultural events, including family-friendly performances, educational workshops and community projects that make the arts accessible for everyone.

Thinktank Science Museum Birmingham

Located in Birmingham city centre,
Thinktank is the perfect day out for all ages.

  • Visit our 4K Planetarium Step inside the Planetarium and explore the outer reaches of space, get up close to constellations, journey through the night-sky and adventure through the solar system!
  • Discover a world of science in our outdoor Science Garden which brings engineering, mechanics and transportation to life through over 30 hands-on exhibits.
  • Learn more about Birmingham’s industrial past and see steam engines, trains, cars and planes from yesteryear.
  • Come face to face with a dinosaur In this gallery you can explore the diversity of life on Earth!

National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham

There is so much to see at the National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham! Dive in and you'll discover


  • The UK’s Only 360° Ocean Tunnel where you can marvel at the sharks, a giant turtle, rays and hundreds of tropical fish swimming overhead and underneath as you walk through the sea in this truly unique experience
  • Meet the UK’s First Sea Otters, Ozzy and Ola, as they settle into the Marine Mammal facility
  • Penguin Ice Adventure – Marvel at the cheeky antics of the feathered friends, the Gentoo penguins, as they dive beneath the freezing waters and play in their icy home

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