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Take the Jewellery Quarter, unsurprisingly taking its name from the 100 plus retailers, diamond dealers, and workshops in the area, not to mention the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. The area itself is characterised by striking Georgian buildings, lining the grassy St. Paul’s Square, where stands the 18th-century St. Paul’s Church.

It couldn’t be more different from our own Knowledge Quarter. Don’t be fooled by the name; the city’s Eastside is a key part of the Knowledge Quarter and stands for a fusion of learning, innovation, entrepreneurialism, experimentation, and urban cultural expression.

It starts with leafy parks, where both students and CEOs of tech start-ups, either go skateboarding or feed themselves on vegan dhosa’s, and stretches across university campuses (five in total). Cultural expression is writ large, bought to life through street art and 16ft high murals. Former warehouses of materials, manufacturing and Custard now house creative incubators, flexible working space and creativity hubs; this is an area that finds knowledge and supercharges it.

In the centre is of it all is The Eastside Rooms, looking to play its part in the knowledge economy through the medium of meetings and events. Clients of the venue range from those tapping into engineering, AI, creativity, technology, medicine, or media; but always driven by knowledge. It doesn’t matter which level; from student development programmes, accelerator level, progressing careers, CPD, advanced or adult learning; our clients use events to capture, embrace and share knowledge.

They can do this because we play our part really well. We provide rooms, with personality inbuilt, but equally with enough white space for the creatives to have their fun. We’re utterly flexible and can be sliced up into as many configurations as an event planner can think of, and re-joined during breaks and lunches. Space and light are in abundance; knowledge needs both to flourish.  


We make sure everyone is fed, properly. Food fuels bodies, bodies fuel minds, minds fuel knowledge. We take this bit really seriously and menus have created that feed, but also intrigue – our chefs are creative too! And, on top of it all, we’re able to provide slick, foolproof AV and technology that takes ideas and blasts them onto walls, screens and buildings (if need be); sets them to music, light and energy, puts them on dramatic and thematic stage sets and gives them the platform to create live inspiration and engagement.  

We also make sure that knowledge travels beyond our four walls. Increasingly, the events we host are reaching a global audience and their even distribution is built into their values; knowledge is there to be shared. Through rail, road and plane links, The Eastside Rooms welcomes delegates from across the UK, Europe and beyond, but also – through advanced streaming and hybrid conferencing technology – content finds itself beamed into every corner of the planet to everyone needing and deserving of it.  


The Eastside Rooms isn’t just the host of great events, it’s a platform. The Knowledge Quarter isn’t just a district within Birmingham, it’s an area and a culture that prizes continual innovation, learning and creativity; at every level, every age and does not discriminate. It’s a poster child for modern and contemporary Birmingham; a new city every day.